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Pontchatoula Strawberry Wine


 Our handcrafted strawberry wine is made to be the best wine representing Louisianas finest ,This fabulous wine is a winner in itself and is best served cold with an orange peel or a slice of pineapple near a fireplace by candlelight. It is a sweet and fresh strawberry wine perfect for those long summer nights and all your celebrations. The wine is made from the freshly picked pontchatoula Louisiana strawberries, and if you are a lover of the fruit wines you should definitely try this one.


Louisiana Blackberry Wine



Deep, rich full-bodied and fruity. Dark garnet in color with beautiful purple hues.  Similar to what you’d expect from a blackberry wine. The nose is light, mellow and fruity with a hint of fresh picked ripe blackberries. Smooth, sweet, juicy ripe blackberry flavors abound. A pleasant crisp fruity flavor lingers on the tongue, reminiscent of blackberry cobbler made from scratch. So good, it tastes like the blackberry was picked straight from the bush. A true taste of louisiana. Absolutely delicious! 
Perfect as a cocktail mixer, or a sipping wine. Pairs well with cheese, meat, or dessert as well as chocolate! Ideal as a digestif or aperitif. 



Pineapple Wine


An aperitif wine that is great for sunsets or picnics on the beach. It is sweet with smooth overtones of exotic fruits.This wine has a lovely texture as well. It tastes as if the fruits were trapped in a bottle at their peak flavor!

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